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BPP University is one of the largest universities in the UK, and currently has over 50,000 students enrolled in its various venues in England, the program of academic English offered by this university gives a much more complete education to its students, focusing to give them the necessary access to college or stand in the labor market skills.

  • BPP University lets you work part time while studying and full time on your vacation.
    • You can study General English Academic English or work permits.
  • We Pre Sessional Inglés for students who do not have the level of English required to enter our programs.
  • We “Awarding Body Powers” which means that we are regulated by the Ministry of Education in the United Kingdom and that our programs are of international quality.

BPP University   offers one, international environment culturally diverse in which to study .   BPP University is recognized as an institution of Education Superior. As an international student , you can choose to study in the wide range of   full-time programs . BPP University offers courses Inlges Academic giving you the opportunity to improve their English language skills and have the necessary study skills and knowledge to complete a degree UK.They also offer programs of undergraduate and graduate .

The course General English is designed to provide the opportunity to improve their skills general English for work, study or reasons social , covering reading, writing, listening and speaking. The Academic English course is designedfor international students who want or need to improve their command of English before starting higher education programs .



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BPP University offers professionals the tools they need to expand their skills and improve their perspectivas.Nuestras qualifications and training programs are designed to help break some of the most prestigious and respected careers available. See for yourself!

Where is it Located?

137 Stamford Street London,
Greater London SE1 9NN,
United Kingdom

+44 20 7633 4300